Hey there! I'm Martin
 I'm a filmmaker and designer currently based in The Netherlands. I'm 31 years old and I live in a little place called Maastricht. I am a very active person. Always looking for new activities to do. I have a passion for fitness. Every day I'm busy getting my calories in and training my ass off. 
I have a thing for creating cinematography and personal branding. I'm obsessed with the power of sound and moving images together. I want to find ways to teach myself new skills and become a pro at my craft. That's why I'm always brainstorming about shooting new videos. Not only serious projects, but also fun project to do. 
All this started a few years ago when I started my study at the art academy in Maastricht. I've always had my camera with me to take cool shots. During college I learned how to make videos and edit these. It took me quite a while before I actually decided to get more serious about it. I started to make travel videos starting spring 2019. I filmed each holiday focussing on cool transitions and effects inspired by filmmakers like Sam Kolder and Ben TK. 
Not long after that I already got my first eventshoot requests for different music venues like Complex, Muziekgieterij, Royals Cup and more in Maastricht. After that I started doing more corporate shoots with brands like MVGM real estate, Vans and more....And so it started
If you're interested in digital content or doing a collab together, and you think I'm the right person for you then push the contact button and we'll get in touch.
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